Selected Publications

Academic Articles / Book Chapters

“Caring for the Domus: On the Evolution of Ecopoetics in the West,” The Trumpeter: A Journal of Ecosophy. Vol. 34.1,  2018. 

“Mindfulness, Sustainability, and the Power of Personal Practice," Narratives of Educating for Sustainability in Unsustainable Environments. Editors, Jane Haliday and Scott Hicks. Michigan State University Press. 2017. 

Thoreau’s Week and the Work of the Eco-Lament,Dark Nature: Anti-pastoral Essays in American Literature and Culture. Editor, Richard Schneider. Lexington Books. Forthcoming, 2017.

“Transcendental Meditation: Sustainability Studies and Dickinson’s Breath,” in The Emily Dickinson Journal (special edition, “Pearls in Eastern Waters: Emily Dickinson in Asia”). 22.2. November 2013. p. 86-106.

 Creative Non-Fiction

“The Only Work,” Leaping Clear: Art, Literature, Contemplation. Fall 2019.

“The (Eco) Poetics of Birth,Saltfront: Studies in Human Habit(at), Issue 6, Fall 2017.

“On Fuji, Blackbirds, and Ecopoetic Praxis.Still Point Arts Quarterly. Issue 18. Spring 2017. Pushcart Prize Nomination. 

“The Space Between: On Climate Change and Haiku Perception.” The Hopper (Green Writers Press). Issue 2. Spring 2016

 Ten Minutes in Balasana” Hawk & Handsaw: Journal of Creative Sustainability. Vol 8. Fall 2015

 “Inspiration from the Ordovician," in Lime Hawk. Issue 6. Summer 2015

 The Earwig in the Zen Blend." About Place Journal. Vol 3. Issue 3. May 2015

"From Mourning to Meditation: A Letter to my Environmental Humanities Students." Creative Non-Fiction at The Journal of Sustainability Education. Issue 1. June 2014. 

The Fearsome Process of Becoming an Ecofeminist Intellectual,” in The Fourth River: A Journal of Nature and Placed-Based Writing. Issue 11. Spring 2014. 

Silko’s Ceremony, Ecocriticism, and the Responsibility of Renewal.” in The Kudzu Review. Issue 4.1. Summer 2014. 



"April & Elegy" in Ruminate. Issue. 43. Summer 2017. 

Dear Baby, Perhaps, Conceived” in Cactus Heart. Vol 12.5. 2015.

Graduate School, Day Two” in Spillway. Vol. 23. June 2015. 

Fuji-san” in The Common Ground Review. Vol. 16. Issue 1. 2014.

 “Sustainability Studies” in Green Humanities. Inaugural Issue. 2014.

 “On Naming” in Blueline. Vol. XXXIV. 2014.

 “Tenth of November” in Inner Art Journal. February 2014.

 “Concerning Lions,” in The Long Island Quarterly. Summer 2006.